Recommended Listening for a lazy day…

16 November 2013 § Leave a Comment

If only my weekend could be so! I’m currently deep into working with the London Mahler Orchestra. We’re performing Mahler 10 tomorrow. Mixed feelings on the completion and piece in general but that’s too long for here. Plus it sounds like a lot of uncited garbage in my head. It’ll have to wait for a later date, or never!

However! I have been digging into Debussy as well recently, including writing about him in relation to futurism. His spoken beliefs versus compositional techniques are quite interesting and while I won’t write my essay out here (besides being unfinished, a non-musicologist would find it dull) I found it incredibly interesting how he was inspired by Couperin and Rameau in his last decade. I’ll leave you hear with Debussy’s Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp. I heard it live a couple of years ago with players from the LSO all lead by a favourite conductor of mine, Michael Tilson Thomas. He wasn’t in this number, of course, but it had some wonderful players. The recording I’m leaving you below is by the Trio Leandro. I happened upon it quite randomly, but have really enjoyed it.

I’ve also included in this playlist Britten’s Second String Quartet. There are a lot of young-ish London quartets currently performing this work, probably due to the Britten Centenary, and it’s a fantastic one. If you haven’t heard it, or even if you have, give it a listen. The Jupiter SQ are fab.

I hope many are having a more relaxing time than I am. I am looking forward to my months of craziness being over mid-December! But, as a fortune cookie I received at my work this summer told me, the path will be arduous but the result will be amply rewarding. That stays in my viola case. I know it’s just a slip of paper, but it was good advice.


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