24 April 2012 § 3 Comments

Let’s talk about shooting in cathedrals. It’s hard. I mean. REALLY hard. I can tell you I struggled and in some of my images it shows. But practise makes perfect, right?

Last week I went to York for a couple of days as a mini-break. It was entirely welcome after a ridiculously crazy semester (let’s not get started on that) and 2.5 busy weeks writing papers (that were finally turned in yesterday!). If you haven’t been to York, and you’re in the UK, head on up! It provides a nice break from the insanity that London (or any city) provides on a daily basis. Just as I’m typing this I can hear a helicopter, a set of sirens went by, and there is a large amount of road noise and I live in a fairly quiet part of Central London.

So back to cathedrals. York Minster is beautiful and peaceful. I will admit, I went at an off time (10:30 am on a Wednesday) but even if it was crazy, you are still more than welcome to sit in the seats and simply take in the view, which I certainly did. I also managed to get a few decent shots, although the number of rejects is also high.

The most amazing thing about all the buildings I go into is looking up. It seems so silly, but often the ceilings are really fantastic. This is just as you walk into the York Minster. It’s spectacular.

The other seriously hard thing about shooting at cathedrals is the windows. Getting a properly exposed image seems next to impossible. You have to compensate for the light flowing into the windows and the building at the same time?! Frustrating.

But in all honesty, I found it was just best to enjoy the views and take some shots as I felt necessary. As much as I wanted to photograph the building to death, there was so much to take in that simply cannot be conveyed in an image, no matter how much you want it to. When I relaxed a little bit, things started working better and I even ended up with one good, daring handheld HDR.


The moral of the story: pretend you’re a sniper and everything works!

More from my trip and I soon!

[Just as a reminder, you can also see all the photos I’m taking at my flickr.]

A little preview of York…

21 April 2012 § Leave a Comment

Hello all!

I’m back from a short break to the lovely city of York. It was nice to get out of London. There were significantly less sirens at 2am, let me tell you. I’ve got a whole slew of photos to sort through and I’m very busy doing coursework at the moment; however, here’s a little preview of what’s to come!

This is from the Great Hall at Castle Howard. It’s a bit of a drive (or bus ride) out of York, but completely worth it. If you recognise it, that’s because it’s the house featured onĀ Brideshead Revisited.

Have a lovely weekend!


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