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Hi all,

You’ll notice a few things are new around here. For one, I’ve migrated to a subdomain for my blog. This is mainly because at some point in the near future (let’s say Easter, because I’m being realistic) I’m planning on turning my main site into a more professional portfolio. Things are progressing musically for me, and I want to reflect that! I’ve also changed the design of the blog to make it cleaner and more minimal. It’s how I’m enjoying the world right now, so I wanted to reflect that on this space!

In other news, I found out a little over a month ago that I’m headed to the Royal College of Music for my Master’s in Performance! It’s  a 2 year programme, and hopefully at the end of it I’ll really have the tools to continue my career successfully. Everything is a little surreal at this point, but I’m just trying to do as much playing as possible right now! I’m only going to be able to do that if I do as much high-quality playing as possible, so that’s basically what’s on my radar at the moment.

I still have my degree to finish off, which at the moment is slightly overwhelming. I don’t even want to confront my dissertation although I know I must at some point. I need to do some major thinking about it over the weekend!! But right now I’m just enjoying a lovely, quiet evening, aka. something that has been much needed for the past few weeks and for my future. I’m headed to Slovenia in a little over a week for an orchestral project, so I hope when that’s all said and done I can update you all on it! From what I’ve heard, the country is amazing, so I’m really excited to get to spend a week there. I know I’ll be behind (still!) on my coursework, but it was such a fabulous opportunity I couldn’t pass it up.

photo 2








I’ve also been knitting. Kate Davies’ Port o’ Leith is my current project, among others. I recently finished Line Break, which is the greatest and I will definitely be making another. Hopefully I’ll have some good photos of both of them in the near future, but my Port o’ Leith is looking like the above photo. I’m simply too lazy this evening to get out my good camera, so my phone will have to suffice for now! The wool is the same as called for in the pattern, Jamieson and Smith’s Shetland Chunky. I cannot recommend it enough! I rarely use the wool called for in the patterns but this is definitely worth the slightly higher cost. It is gorgeous. And I cannot wait to wear this wooly jumper!

I hope where ever you are it is peaceful and wonderful. I will try my best to update soon about my travels as I’m quite excited!


V-Necks be shaping!

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It’s been a while since I posted. I am seriously going to try to be a better blogger. However, I’ve been pretty busy lately with putting together applications for Master’s programmes and general back to uni stuff.

On the plus side, I’ve been working on my Cypress vest by Jared Flood. It’s so simple but so gorgeous. I’ve been knitting it in Cascade 220 Heathers which I (shockingly) hadn’t used before. It’s going to be seriously up there for me now with worsted weight yarns. I began shaping the v-neck yesterday, which has now made the project incapable of being carried around. I have to knit with 2 balls of yarn and since I was pretty unsure of how much I used, I just wound up the last 2 hanks into balls.

image 3








The photos don’t really do the colour of the yarn justice. When I’m all finished, I’ll get out my real camera and take some nice photos. My phone is a poor subsitute, but it’s also quick and I am an impatient woman.

image 2










Today I’m off to go sign up for the LRAM, which is a sort of teaching certification. I’ve been waiting a while to take it, so I’m very very excited to finally have the opportunity to take it. It’s definitely going to add to my workload, but the payoff in the long term should be huge. My next knitting task at hand? Figure out what to do with one of these beauties (either Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock (Lettuce wrap) , or Madelinetosh Pashmina (Kale)). I did not buy them together, although I must have had health foods on my mind!










Marijke out for now!

I am a terrible blogger…

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Am I? I’ve just gotten very overwhelmed with life lately. I’ve successfully finished 2 of my coursework projects for this term. Just one more 3000 word essay before exam period begins. I have to survive 2 performance exams and 3 written ones and a few concerts and then I’m back in America for a while! I think I’m making it sound more exciting than it really is.

In an attempt to combat the stress, I’ve been knitting a lot since December. My most recent finished project has been a lovely lace shawl for my mother. I can finally show it to you all here, as she received it! It is the lovely Holbrook Shawl by Dee O’Keefe and is knitted in Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply. Wouldn’t recommend the yarn. It’s very splitty so unless you are world’s most careful knitter on super blunt needles (I am neither) don’t buy it.










Despite my minor disagreements with the yarn it was a joy to knit.









The pattern was incredibly well written and I can’t wait to make another one of Dee’s shawls.











I really hope my mom enjoys it.

I’ve now moved onto a few things. I’m making one of Kitman Figuerosa’s Damask shawls, but I was too lazy to get out my camera for that. I’ve taken a quick snap of the rather boring socks I’m knitting. They’re just basic socks in some Regia self-striping yarn. It’s nice to work with. :) Here we go!

sockinprogress april










Yes, I do have world’s messiest and tiniest desk. That’s what happens when coursework stripes. Hopefully I’ll be writing in a less stressed out manner when this is all over! I can’t wait to turn in the last essay and move on to exams…


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