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30 June 2015 § Leave a Comment

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Now I know this is in no way a beauty blog; however, a recent moisturiser purchase that I made has been so amazing that I felt the need to blog about it. As some of you know, throughout my teen years I struggled with acne-ridden, red, irritated skin. Now I know this isn’t a unique thing to me; however, it has continued into my 20s, causing me an immense amount of irritation at not feeling like I have ‘adult’ skin. When I am stressed out (a good proportion of my life), my cheeks become dry, I break out around my chin and the redness on my skin becomes even more prominent.

Lately, I have made an attempt at really trying to take care of my skin in a gentle, but effective, way. I have tried many different moisturisers lately; however, my recent purchase of the Origins Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Moisturiser has made the most significant difference in my skin from regular morning and night use.

The moisturiser itself is a thick, lightly scented gel that sinks easily into the skin. Despite having quite sensitive skin, I have yet to experience a breakout since beginning with it and I have been significantly stressed out, tired, and eating terribly these past few weeks. The cream’s active ingredients include Lychee and Watermelon enzymes and it has a similar light but delicious scent.

Although the price is slightly steep over here (at £34.50, although I bought it on sale for a bit less), I have found it completely worth the price tag. I need almost nothing to keep my skin hydrated in the morning and at night, and it can serve both as a day cream and an overnight treatment. It sits well under makeup and has completely stopped the flaking that I had on my cheeks previously.

While this is only my second Origins purchase (the first being the Ginzing eye cream), I can certainly see myself purchasing and trying more of their products if they’re as effective as this one. Any recommendations? I am definitely looking eagerly at their masks which look fantastic.

You can purchase the Origins Make a Difference moisturiser at Boots and other retailers.

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