A quick update + resolving those resolutions

20 January 2015 § Leave a Comment

So it’s only 20 days into the new year and I’ve already had a whirlwind of a time. Let’s recount, shall we? First, the hand saga. Which of course, due to my inactivity here was never blogged about; however, it turns out that we are not invincible. A trip to Loyola Medical (amazing, btw) during my christmas break revealed I managed to get De Quervain’s in my left thumb, from viola of course. After a lack of resolution after total immobility for 2 weeks, I ended up getting a steroid injection into my wrist. Not something I took lightly but¬†completely¬†worth it. The result is pain-free viola playing, knitting and a generally more happy me. And actually, fixing my wrist was new year’s resolution no. 1! Achievement.

What else? Well today at the RCM we had a very interesting workshop with the LPO music director Vladimir Jurowski. What a whirlwind, in the shortest College project ever, 3 hours yesterday and another 2 today before a short performance. Intense but worth it. Maybe just a transition stage from some’s perspective, but an invigorating performance nonetheless!

Between that and playing with my quartet + a fabulous clarinettist at a memorial for the late Charles Mackerras’ late wife Judy, it’s been insane. But it is always wonderful to receive praise for your chamber group from seasoned musicians and those who knew many greats of the past generation. Cannot wait to get back to working with them, hopefully some more Mozart in the future!

As for my other, hopefully realistic new year’s goals… Learn German! (so I need to get back to working on that immediately after this), and read 20 books this year. I managed 18 last year and I’m already on a roll, having knocked out 2.5 already in the past 20 days. The PC Grant books by Ben Aaronovitch are particularly good. Can’t wait to continue reading after my German reviewing! As for other things… I’m hoping to start a new research project soon. Don’t want to say what yet, but after having such a wonderful (yes, wonderful) time on my dissertation last year I am itching to get back into the British Library. We’ll see what that holds! No resolutions there, want to keep things real.

Well I hope everyone is having as great a new year as I am. I believe 2015 has good things in store for us all!

All best,


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