Summer Workin’

30 May 2013 § Leave a Comment

Last time I wrote I was knee-deep in coursework. Although that’s beyond me, I’ve been catching up quickly on my lack of hard practise in the month of April. My neck has been cramping up a bit and my fingers are sore, but it has been completely worth it. I feel like I am truly making progress on the one thing I have stuck with for now over a decade. I never stick with anything that long. I get bored. But viola? There are always new things to learn, new repertoire, old repertoire, new people, old people. It doesn’t get tiring as the music world is constantly shifting.

This is a new thing for me, I suppose. A few weeks ago I was complaining to anyone who would listen that every job I look at doesn’t allow me to play viola at the level I want to. What did my teacher say? ‘Why don’t you want to be a player?’ This is the most logical solution to my problems, but also a difficult one. It had crossed my mind, but having someone else say it, someone who is fantastic at what they (and you) do, that changes things. I’m about to embark on about 3 months of largely unguided practise on new, increasingly difficult repertoire. I will also be balancing this with my duties as a camp counsellor again. You could say this is great. No phone distractions, no facebook! I’ll have plenty of free time to practise, but I don’t know…

In the past my summer projects have gone a bit astray. They haven’t been unsuccessful per say, but life gets in the way. I know I am going to have to structure my time highly this summer in order to achieve anything worthy of getting into a good music college for postgrad by December. This is scary!

I wish I had something more exciting to post, or photos of my exciting life. But honestly, I have just been packing, moving and now camping out in our flat until I go home for about a week. My mind is constantly racing, planning and my fingers itching to practise. I must remind myself I have an intense schedule this weekend. I don’t want to get burnt out too quickly. This itch needs to last until the end of the year…

Hopefully others are feeling motivated and satisfied in their pursuits. Although mine may seem like a solitary one, it’s really not. I need to remind myself that. Life is just too short to not do what you love. Remember that when even your loves seem like labours (as I’m sure I’ll be thinking in late July when all these good feelings have worn off).

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