Recommended Listening…

13 February 2013 § 1 Comment

It’s honestly shameful how little I’m on here anymore. To be honest, my life has just been too busy to evenĀ thinkĀ about writing. I’m too consumed with practising, doing coursework, rehearsals, having a social life and fitting in sleeping and eating somewhere in there. I’ve been successful in most of that (next week I’m in a masterclass and I have an audition and draft recital coming up next month…), but certain things have been off the table. Instead of a full blown post, I’m just going to Spotify some music below you should really be listening to. It’s a variety of quartets (which as we all I know is some of my favourite stuff to play), pop music, and jazz. I’m going to avoid descriptions and let the music speak for itself (which is Marijke speak for I really need to go do work). Ready?!

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