Long Time No See!

28 August 2012 § Leave a Comment

Wow! Is it nearly September already? I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated, but I’m going to make it quick as I failed to take pictures for most things that happened in my life since May.

For one, I’m back in the US, but not for much longer. I was back here in the second week of June, got some snazzy new glasses and headed off to camp. Since then, and until a week ago, I’ve been working as a counsellor at Blue Lake. What an amazing opportunity. I don’t have enough words to talk about how great my summer was (and I’m not saying this for kicks, it really was spectacular). I met so many great people I never would have anywhere else and it was super sad to leave them last Sunday. In addition, I definitely grew as a person. I am much more outgoing than I was in June. However, it’s been super weird trying to talk about camp life to non-camp people. There are so many indescribable things: ‘You sing at dinner every night?'; ‘There was a ROOSTER?'; ‘You put what on a campfire? (yes. pie. and pizza bites.)'; ‘You lived in the woods without much internet for over 2 months?’. The answer to all of these, and more, is yes. A whole summer of sleep deprivation and being less than perfectly clean all the time left me with a summer full of amazing memories and meowing (our unit has a special affinity for cats and cowgirls…). I’m sorely missing our 3-times-or-more daily ‘cowgirl roundups.’ I honestly can’t wait to spend next summer doing the same thing!

This past (long) weekend I visited some friends, one new and one old. It was great to reconnect with people and go a little crazy (including overcoming my fear of needles with the help of Mary Ann and getting my ears double pierced.). If that doesn’t say how much I’ve changed this summer, I don’t know what can. It’s been amazing. Did I mention I’m also very good at painting nails now?

I’m back in England soon, so I can’t wait to share with you all my life there again!

Until later,
Kitty smooches,
Cowgirl Marijke

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