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21 May 2012 § Leave a Comment

Just a quick (and pretty informal) post. I just finished my academic year this morning with my performance exam and I’ve been absorbing A LOT of new music this past week. Here’s a quick overview of some things you need to listen to immediately:

Silfra by Hilary Hahn and Hauschka

I’ve recommended Hauschka before on here, but Hilary Hahn is one of my favourite violinists. Her music is normally from the traditional classical repertoire for violin; however, lately she has been branching out from commissioning shorter concert pieces for violin and now this collaboration with Hauschka. It is seriously wonderful. An excellent mix of what they both do best. You’re transported to another world. You can hear the Icelandic influence in the music (they recorded it in Iceland last year as only their improvisations). Give it a listen. I’ve linked to the Spotify here!


What We Saw from the Cheap Seats by Regina Spektor

My love for Regina Spektor goes back to my introduction to her from Akash (let’s face it, a lot of my favourite music comes from him), although I again did not trust his taste. However, I do now, and let me say, it is a great album. It’s a clear progression from her last album, Far. It still has a lot of her piano roots with singing; however, it definitely has a lot more production than some of her earlier music. This album is truly enjoyable to listen to. If you want something that doesn’t stretch your brain too much and you can just listen to with enjoyment, turn this on. Linking to NPR but will post Spotify if and when available.  Listen here!


Passage by Exitmusic

If you want to be pushed into the dark space of your mind, this is the album. I made the mistake of listening to this on not my greatest evening, while reading something very dark. I was in the back of my head where I normally avoid. Although that darkness isn’t something we normally enjoy, this album is truly enjoyable, regardless of it’s lack of brightness. If you want the almost polar opposite of the Regina Spektor album above, this is the one! They’re both equally enjoyable, just very different. Take a listen. Listen here on Spotify!


[Updated 22/05/2012 for Spotify links.]

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